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Management Consulting to Move Your Practice to the Next Level and Beyond

Every optometry practice faces its own unique challenges. These can include stagnant growth, poor profitability, too few patients, and inefficient staff who fail to operate as a team. As such issues escalate, they not only block the potential of the practice, they impact the practice owner’s motivation and quality of life.

In business for over 30 years, Sterling knows the confusions, stress and inefficiencies that can slow down a practice. The Sterling program identifies the exact issues which need to be addressed and remedies them with customized consulting, management courses and regional workshops. We’ve shown hundreds of optometrists how to effectively run their practices so they can do the work they love—optometry.

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What Your Colleagues Are Saying

“I’ve not only grown as a person but as a successful small business owner. Our practice has gone from about $24,000 a month to about $500,000 a month in production over a 13-year period with Sterling as our business consultant. Besides making more money than I had dreamed of, I am having a blast running my practice.”—C.C., OD

“Thanks to Sterling, I am in control of my practice and it responds to what I want it to do. Ironically, even though the practice is now close to four times larger than when I began with Sterling, it’s actually easier to manage. Instead of dreading work, I wake up excited to go to the office.”—T.S., OD

“Thanks to Sterling, my income has increased by 250% and the increase in profitability far exceeds that. I know how to run the practice, I no longer have to worry about competition because I won’t lose any business. What about the recession? No problem. I would know how to address them. What I have learned from Sterling is that the growth of my practice is completely under my control.”—M.W., OD

“While the extra money is terrific, the biggest plus from the Sterling program is not financial. What is most valuable is having the free time. Because we are well-organized, I don’t have to worry about things being neglected when I am not there. These days, I work three days a week at my practice. I’ve had the time to take two months of vacation each year which has allowed me to travel all over the world. For me, that’s what life is all about: having the time and means to do what my family and I want.”—J.D., OD

“What I value most about the Sterling consulting program is learning how to handle employees and get them motivated to improve themselves. We’ve come to realize that if a person is just not doing well in their position, regardless of how nice or reliable they are, they need to be let go because they are not a good fit for the job we need them to do.”—L.V., OD

“The program gave me a fresh start. It enabled me to say “This is my practice and this is how it is going to be.” Not in a nasty way, but in a friendly but firm way. My negative attitude toward life has completely changed. . . . Even though the practice is busier, I don’t have to come back to the office at night because we are a well-lubed machine.”—R.R., OD